We built to simplify the creative feedback and approval process.

Nothing more, nothing less.

After years of working on projects for clients, we discovered that the client feedback and signoff process was convoluted, ineffective, and inefficient. We would send an idea to a client over email, and the client would then respond with multiple changes. We’d make the changes, but throughout this process the client would show it to someone else who had a different opinion, or change their mind on their initial ideas.

Meanwhile, the purpose behind the concept and its design was lost in translation. All this made for a lengthy journey of misunderstandings, frustration, and downright inefficiency (not to mention headaches!). We looked around for a solution but couldn’t find one. was born from this need to communicate with multiple stakeholders in a centralised space, and to streamline the design approval process. We developed it in 2011, and have been constantly using and refining it ever since. has been tested and proven in-house on multi-million dollar creative projects, and was in closed beta for a year before launching publicly to the fabulous creatives of the world in 2014. is a design approval tool. It’s a visual collaboration tool, a client signoff tool, and a tool for agencies who work on video and audio projects. But at its heart, is a tool that just makes everyone’s lives easier.