All you need to get your design, video and audio concepts approved. No hooplah or fluff included.

We built to present our concepts to clients and declutter the whole communication process. Then we spent a couple of years using and refining it on projects every day, so you could have the best platform possible.

  • Fast client feedback and approval

    Isn’t that what we all want? simplifies the whole creative collaboration and approval process - plus, the centralised communication keeps everyone focused on client signoff.

  • Feedback on design, video, and audio assets

    Use as a design signoff tool, visual collaboration tool, or for digital project management. Clients can provide feedback directly on designs and time-based media so you can easily manage feedback.

  • Your concepts everywhere

    On your iPad or Galaxy Note? It’s ok – you can access projects on mobile, and all project participants are kept in the loop via email. However, we don’t recommend that your clients review your concepts on an iPhone in a taxi (it’s happened).

  • Intuitive UI and workflow

    We’ve spent a lot of time making dead simple for clients, then we spent a s#!tload of time making it dead simple for creatives and producers. Use once on a real project and you will never want to share concepts via email again.

  • Collaboration on projects in one place

    Whether it’s visual collaboration or video collaboration, everyone can provide feedback using annotations and threaded comments. All entries are also time-stamped and linked to individual versions.

  • Your stuff is safe with us

    We get that your work matters – simply because our work matters to us as well. In short, we didn’t skimp on the engineering. uses the best cloud technology available to ensure it just works – and keeps working.

  • Make it yours!

    Your identity is integral to your work and your clients, so it’s integral to Choose your own URL for easy client access or invest in yourself and sign up to a plan with custom branding.

  • Clients love it puts your amazing concepts front and centre in a way that clients understand. It’s professional, accessible, and transparent - this impresses clients and reassures them, so they approve your work faster. Winning.

  • We’re here to help is all about making the client communication and approval process easier, but it also needs to be easy for you. If you run into problems, aren’t sure of something, or just want someone to talk to about your musings on life, you can get in touch with us here.

The Nitty Gritty Specs

Image formats jpg, png, gif
Image sizes Unlimited pixel size – image scale can be toggled between fit to window and full size
Video Format mp4
Video Bandwidth Unlimited - encode to suit your audience
Video size Unlimited pixel size – video is displayed at the encoded pixel size without scaling
Audio Format mp3
Audio Bandwidth Unlimited - encode to suit your audience
Transcoding does not transcode any of your content into other formats, sizes or bandwidths. You control the quality.
Browser support Chrome - all desktop and mobile versions
Safari - all desktop and mobile versions
Firefox - all desktop and mobile versions
IE8 and up – while we don’t recommend it some of your clients might not have a choice.